Zen Trading

Learn to trade like a Zen master

The Tao of Trading

Master Trader Education Program

A unique synthesis of price action & market dynamics, Psychology and ancient eastern mind mastery techniques

Financial markets are in a constant state of flux. They are chaotic and exhibit a high amount of randomness and uncertainty. The vast majority of stock market participants are in an adversarial relationship with the market. But the key to success lies not, as the multitude falsely assume, in the market but the traders own mind. To be a successful trader you are up against your human nature. Millions of years evolution programmed us to survive the harsh environments of prehistoric times. But the stock market environment is completely counterintuitive to our human nature. Contrary to intuition or common-sense expectation. Humans are irrational and emotional beings (although we think that we are rational), and we only see what we want to see. This makes trading/investing in financial markets a very challenging enterprise.

Successful traders need to be able to “read the market” and not “think” what the market is up to. An analysis technique that captures the flow of market is key. We know that individual behavior is not easily predictable, but group behavior is. In The Tao of Trading Master Trader Education Program we call this the Hive-Mind. The Hive-Mind is a catchword for the collective mind (group behavior) of all the financial market participants. Through a combination of price action & market dynamics based on crowd psychology, you will learn to read this Hive-Mind and anticipate the markets next move.

Trading is like running a business and this is contrary to the multitude who use the stock market as a glorified casino. In a Casino, although the odds are stacked against you, there is still a winning edge. In the financial markets there is no edge but the one that you yourself create.

In the Tao of Trading or “the Art of Trading”, master trader education program, you learn how to “master your mind” and to get into the flow with the market. You learn to read the Hive-Mind. To make money in an environment that is completely stacked against you. The Tao of Trading or “art of trading”, Master Trader Education Program is a unique synthesis of price action & market dynamics, Psychology, and ancient Eastern mind mastery techniques.